Extending Your Summer Vacation

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Étienne-David Fortin, Health Promotion Specialist

The summer lasts 93 days and 15 hours. During this time, we will take only a week or two of vacation from work. How can we continue to enjoy the spirit of summer for the other 83 to 87 days and 15 hours? The answer may seem simplistic to some and a revelation to others: change your routine!

The following information will just get you started so that you are ready for the summer solstice, on June 21.

Create the Right Ambiance

There are many ways to create the right ambiance. You could create your own little paradise in your backyard by decorating it with lights and ornaments or lighting a fire if possible, and so on. You could even add simpler little details to your daily routine, such as colourful pitchers and glasses, a flowery shirt or dress, Latin music, a bowl of fresh fruit that you take little pieces from for your drinks, and so on. And why don’t you opt for themed meals?

Get Outdoors

With the summer comes the great outdoors! As soon as you have a chance, get out and do physical activities, have a picnic or just take a nap outside – you’ll feel better! Plan an outing to a new restaurant or go to a show, a festival or a sports event in your area. You can find a schedule of free events at Sorstu.ca (French only).

Take a Quick Trip

Why don’t you go on a road trip, take a direct flight to a destination nearby or go camping in a SÉPAQ park on the weekend? You don’t have to go far to get away from your routine. The point is that you come back energised.

Do Some Reading

Why don’t you go to the municipal library and take out some books? Since most of us work in front of a screen, coming home from work and reading a book gives us a real break from our work routine. I have to admit I’m guilty, since reading is something I enjoy but put off far too often. Taking the time to sit down and finish a book gives me the kind of peaceful mood I want during a vacation.

Wake Up Early

As a general rule, we draw out the mornings when we’re on vacation. Since your work day is the same, you can draw out your breakfast and savour your coffee by getting up 30 minutes earlier, and if it coincides with the sunrise, it can really make you feel like you’re on vacation. This trick is also great when you have kids: before the whole house gets up, you can take time to have breakfast and enjoy the calm before the storm.

Shake Things Up at Work

You can even apply the above advice at work! Employees and managers rarely go for a morning or afternoon break outside. You should take advantage of opportunities to do so, especially when it’s easy to take a 15-minute break outside. Another idea: when it’s practical, organize meetings outdoors! In short, get out and recharge your energy outside!
In conclusion, it’s up to you to choose what works best for your lifestyle, tastes and budget. What matters is that you keep it simple – just like on vacation!





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